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Vendor description

Blackcurve is one of the most popular price monitoring software providers on the market. The company has a solid record in helping e-commerce businesses to understand their competition and keep prices up-to-date in regard to a particular price positioning. Retailers across diverse industries use Blackcurve to improve their digital marketing performance. In most cases, the businesses are using Blackcurve to find where their own prices are in regard to competitors and monitor if the current price indexes are coherent and relevant to their position on the market. 

Vendor’s solutions

Today, Blackcurve offers three major products to their clients. The first product is Competitor pricing. The market data monitoring is at the core of this product. In particular, this product fits best those retailers or resellers willing to sustain their market positioning using the competitors’ prices as a benchmark. 

Advantages of the vendor’s solution

  • The native dashboards of Blackcurve make the implementation of market-based pricing easy and quick. In particular, the users get a visualization of competitors’ prices based on the data collected by Blackcurve. Subsequently, when a change in market price indexes occurs, the business may quickly react and adjust its own prices to the current market situation. 
  • One of the significant advantages of Blackcurve is the ability to store historical pricing data being monitored. What it means is that the businesses can use and analyze the historical data to gain some important sales insights which can then be also used for marketing and other purposes. 
  • Speaking of the vendor’s advantages, the second product offered by Blackcurve is worth mentioning. This product is called Digital marketing optimization. To put it simply, the product enables retailers to spend their marketing resources more effectively based on the data received via monitoring. 
  • Using Blackcurve, businesses can analyze their sales performance in general and on marketplaces, in particular. For example, by monitoring the data from Google shopping or other marketplaces, Blackcurve provides businesses with insights into how particular products’ sales have changed over time. Once this information is aligned with the changes in pricing, some important insights can be revealed. 
  • The insights generated by Blackcurve help to find the best-working pricing approaches and patterns which, in turn, helps to find a better way to allocate marketing resources. In this regard, it should be noted the ability to monitor data from marketplaces as well as store historical data belong to the biggest advantages of Blackcurve. It also means that Blackcurve products fit best the retailers using the reseller model using marketplaces, like Amazon or Google Shopping, as the platforms to sell their products. 

Disadvantages of the vendor’s solution

  • The company does not offer monitoring direct of competitors’ websites or mobile apps which should also be considered when choosing a provider.
  • The solution might not cover the needs of the businesses utilizing multiple pricing strategies and offering products across the diverse sales channels.   

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