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Vendor description

Dataweave is a company specialized in providing competitive intelligence to e-commerce retailers and consumer brands by means of collecting, aggregating, and analyzing web data at a massive scale. The company was founded in India and today provides services for countries all over the world. 

Vendor’s solutions

When speaking of data monitoring services provided by Dataweave, there are several important aspects that are worth being mentioned. First of all, Dataweave provides their customers mainly with direct competitors’ websites monitoring. What is also important is that Dataweave provides an ability for clients to store the historical monitoring data. This feature is worth mentioning because the historical data can then be processed by retailers for the sake of building a more complex and sophisticated price management system. In addition, a large number of insights can be generated out of the historical monitoring data being stored.

Advantages of the vendor’s solution

  • Dataweave provides customers with functionality enabling retailers to transfer data into practical insights that can help businesses to reach goals and grow. 
  • The easy-to-use interface enables the end-users to get such data-driven recommendations at a few clicks. 
  • Behind the Dataweave solution is a powerful data aggregator which can collect and process data quickly and accurately. 
  • The accuracy rate guaranteed by Dataweave is 95% which is enough for most of the retailers regardless of industry or specialization. 
  • In addition, besides the very price, Dataweave also collects shipping costs in case it is needed by the client. 

Disadvantages of the vendor’s solution

Speaking of the disadvantages of the data monitoring services by Dataweave, a few things can be pointed out:

  • Dataweave does not provide product matching services so it might be an obstacle for those retailers looking for a comprehensive solution setup. 
  • Collecting a diverse scope of data might also become a challenge while using Dataweave. To put it simply, if a retailer needs only basic data points, e.g. price or shipping cost, then the scope of the services provided by Dataweave would be enough. However, in case, a complex dataset is required by the business, it might become an obstacle. For example, it might be challenging to collect such parameters as taxes, size units, product offering options, etc. 
  • Another limitation of pricing services offered by Dataweave stems from the fact that the company does not offer more advanced approaches to pricing, e.g. ones based on artificial intelligence or machine learning. What it means practically, is that the data monitoring by Dataweave works well for those businesses using almost exceptionally market-based pricing for their products. Of course, the comprehensive pricing system requires using a combination of approaches while market-based pricing can be used only to a part of the assortment. Subsequently, when the business reaches a particular maturity level, using Dataweave might turn out to be no longer enough. 

In the case outlined above, the business would probably have to look for additional supplementing solutions capable of pricing products for which market-based pricing does not work properly. At the same time, for medium-sized businesses requiring the essential market data, Dataweave might be a perfect choice as it is easy to integrate and use. Besides, when the business has not yet elaborated a sophisticated or comprehensive pricing system, choosing Dataweave as a data monitoring provider could also be relevant. After some time, when the business would have elaborated a clear vision of which particular pricing system it would like to build, the choice of software vendor could be reconsidered to find if Dataweave is enough or another solution is required. After all, having a clear understanding and criteria is crucial while choosing the right data monitoring tool. 

Dataweave Alternatives
Dataweave Alternatives