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Edge by Ascential

Vendor description

Edge by Ascential offers a diverse range of services covering different types of needs that retailers, and, particularly, resellers or consumer packaged goods producers might face. 

Vendor’s solutions

Today, the company offers seven different solutions for businesses. These include Market Share, Digital Shelf, Price+Promo, Retail Insights, Professional Services, Alternative Data, and Yimian. In terms of market data, two of these solutions are worth special mentioning: Price+Promo and Retail Insight. Edge by Ascential’s Retail Insight is aimed at helping sellers to guide critical decisions and empower strategic initiatives. 

Advantages of the vendor’s solution

  • By providing the decision-makers with research and data, Edge by Ascential enables retailers, resellers, and product manufacturers to monitor diverse markets in order to either reveal money leakages or discover the opportunities for growth. 
  • The dashboard of the solutions of Edge by Ascential serves as a single place where businesses can manage and track their performance in regard to the market situation and competitors’ prices. 
  • Another solution from Edge by Ascential that should be considered by retailers willing to use data in provides businesses with a complete view of the competitive landscape. Price+Promo from Edge by Ascential also informs users about price positioning and price indexing which is crucial in terms of using market-based pricing strategy effectively and driving margin and other key business metrics. As we’ve mentioned above the solutions from Edge by Ascential fit best the resellers and manufacturers.
  •  Another advantage of Edge by Ascential is the ability to plan or schedule particular pricing or promo events in advance. In other words, the solution’s dashboard can be used as a single interface where the users can track the results, manage price indexes, and plan particular pricing and promo events for the future. The latter function is remarkably useful for the resellers specialized in products with high seasonality. For example, the users can schedule different promo activities stemming from the changing product lifecycle and seasonality.

Disadvantages of the vendor’s solution

  • The solutions from Edge by Ascential may not be enough for some retailers looking for a more comprehensive data monitoring tool. In particular, the solutions Edge by Ascential does not provide an option of direct websites monitoring, as well as mobile apps monitoring. 
  • In addition, Edge by Ascential has no service of product matchings. These disadvantages and limitations might become a significant obstacle for retailers selling across various channels and platforms. At the same time, Edge by Ascential might be a perfect choice for many retailers focused on Amazon as their key sales channel. 
  • It should also be noted that the data delivery frequency offered Edge by Ascential may also be not enough for those players that needed fresh data a few times per day. 

Notably, Edge by Ascential solutions is provided within a so-called ‘swiss-knife’ concept. That means that one provider offers a diverse set of solutions. For many players, this specific feature of Edge by Ascential might be an advantage. For example, the resellers that have just started to sell products on Amazon may not have a clear vision of which particular solution would fit them best. In such cases, they can start with one or two solutions from Edge by Ascential to move on with them or make changes in the solution setup based on the results. In other words, the diversity of solutions offered by Edge by Ascential brings a certain kind of flexibility to resellers which is, of course, an advantage for many players. For example, the users can schedule different promo activities stemming from the changing product lifecycle and seasonality. Once and for all, the clear set of criteria important for the business and alignment on consumer profile fitting Edge by Ascential best should be the core consideration while deciding whether to choose Edge by Ascential as a data monitoring provider.  

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Edge by Ascential Alternatives